Signal Insurance Program

Signal’s new Export Insurance Program will finally allow exporters to have the comprehensive, affordable insurance coverage—and peace of mind—they deserve.

It's time for a change. Welcome to Signal - your strategic partner that helps dealers buy, finance, process, and sell vehicles.

The Export Insurance Program is available now, and sits within our suite of finance products. This includes: Export Finance, RateLock (micro-hedges on a per vehicle basis), fx and payment processing, and now insurance. Our goal with this full suite of tools is to empower you to focus on what you do best - acquiring vehicles to sell in the US.

Signal Insurance Program at a glance:

  • Full coverage for all your export inventory from point of purchase in Canada to point of sale in the US.
  • Per unit insurance that flexes with your volume. 
  • Seamless processing. Insurance is integrated into Signal Export—as soon as you enter a vehicle as purchased, it will be insured.
  • Extremely competitive rates. Our per-vehicle rates are less than half of the rates offered by competitors. 

Turn more vehicles and grow your business faster with Signal as your partner.








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